Twenty-two. (:

 I’m finally here to blog~ Haha. Been busy/lazy..

So anyway, my 22nd birthday was 11 days ago and I spent it with Lynette and Lydia!


I was taking a nap when the clock strike twelve in London and Lydia’s call woke me up. Before my nap, we cooked dinner together and she kept telling me I must be awake at midnight so she can come sing the birthday song to me. And surprisingly, I believed her and didn’t think much of it.

She was downstairs my window and I threw her my keys as usual. But this time she was in the hallway for quite a while and I knew then that there’s definitely a cake (she hid it when she was getting the keys from me). Super happy when she came into my room with a simple, pretty and yummy cake from Old Tree! We ate like half of it before she went back to her room.

The next morning, we went for Thai suki steamboat at Taste of Siam!ImageIt was yummy~ With unlimited flow of ingredients.. but we only ask for refill once! Had my chayan but the best was our dessert – chayan ice cream! We were super full so Lynette and I shared one. So superbly good, definitely going back again!ImageAfter our lunch, we had some time to spare in the area for heading to central because Lydia had to go to work, sadly.. Decided to walk towards Camden Town and explored a little more than the previous time. Took photos as if we were tourists. Lol~Image

IMG_20130301_145438Image I love taking photos of sceneries rather than people. That’s why I don’t take photos of myself that much (plus the fact that I’m not photogenic). Walked for quite some time until Lydia had to head to work while we took the tube to Bond Street.

Went to Selfridges because Lynette wanted to look at bags (rich girl) and I wanted to get cosmetics. I’m still obsessed, don’t ask. Haha. Ended up buying MAC’s lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum! ♡

Walked into the Food Hall and we died there.. not! But our diets did, kind of. Hahaha!ImageImageLola’s red velvet and cookies & cream mini cupcakes // pinkberry’s strawberry and chocolate (damn happy that chocolate’s back!!) side-by-side with my favourite toppings ♡♡♡

*Note: I’m getting really long-winded, aren’t I? ><*

There was this sales assistant in House of Fraser who approached us and introduced Bellapierre cosmetics to us. She redid Lynette’s foundation/blusher and we were sold! Like super blown away you have no idea. It was so damn flawless even though the coverage wasn’t too thick. And you probably guessed it, it was expensive. I just bought my benefit foundation, primer and powder so I didn’t want to spend more money on the same thing but Lynette went back home and bought the whole set that was recommended on amazon. So much cheaper! But it’s quite expensive. Hahahaha.

So anyway, loots of the day (plus benefit high beam from Lynette)!ImageLoving my Candy Yum-Yum lippie~ (colour shown in my camwhore photo below :P)Image

Filtered on Instagram so the colour isn’t exactly true in photo but it is that pretty!

Okay, long-winded post… Bye!


Falling asleep…

Been lying in bed for at least an hour. Feeling so bloated because I drank too much water (not alcohol).. shall update later today.

Have a good day ahead! ^^

Happy birthday to me! ♡


What a surprise from Lydia! ♡♡♡

Summer, wait for me! ;)

Am supposed to be rushing my Accounting assignment but I just felt like posting this up first. Booked my flight back to Singapore for summer!! Not gonna reveal the dates, only family and close friends know. Teehee~


Try guessing? 😛

MAC Archie’s Girls + Birthday presents to myself. (:

Ahh just 5 more days to my birthday! I’ve always been super excited about my birthday. Even though the excitement is slowly going decreasing but… still excited! Hahaha.

Anyway! Have known about this since the launch at Selfridges but didn’t check it out till today. It’s Archie’s Girls by MAC!Image

Checked it out because I’m considering if I should get one or two lipsticks as a birthday gift to myself. HAHA.

ImageImageImageImageImageThe last one (Candy Yum-Yum) is the one that Lynette and I have been eyeing on since we went to Fenwick. >< We’ll see…

Ordered two items online yesterday as part of my own birthday gift (what excuses!).

Image Posted this just a day or two ago. Dress from boohoo!

ImageAnd this! SHINee’s Official 2013 Season Greeting Diary Calendar. I really love them, don’t judge me. ❤

Gotta go work on Accounting now. Tata~!

Post gone missing.

Apparently one of my previous posts got overlapped. Solved the issue but I wonder how did that happen.. :O

Worked for 3.5 hours today, so so busy but I’m kind of useless because I can’t take orders and all that since I’m still a trainee. I kind of love polishing glasses. Peaceful time~ Haha. Next pay’s gonna be so little because I told my manager that I can’t work Mon-Fri. Monday to Thursday is because of the submission on 28 Feb and Friday is… my 22nd birthday!

Gonna have Thai steamboat for lunch on Friday with my double Ls (Lynette & Lydia) and then shopping after. Lydia said she has promised to buy me makeup. Hahaha, so sweet. Am considering to get myself a present too…. 

Excited for gym session tomorrow~ Bye lovelies! (:

benefit quote of the day (Repost)

benefit quote of the day (Repost)

So true, ain’t it? (: