Kid no more?

I used to find joy in doing up my Christmas wishlist but I guess it’s redundant now since there really isn’t anyone who cares what I want.

Silent tears and a lost childhood.


Today is supposed to be a good day.

The start of a jolly month..

So why do I feel this way..?

Just one of those nights..

I feel upset over nothing;
I feel like breaking down;
I need someone to tell me everything’s fine;
I wish someone’s there to hold me tight;
I feel like all hope’s lost;
I think I no longer have real emotions left;

Just because.

어둠 속에 핀 꽃,
바다 위에 뜬 달, 비밀 같은 그 곳,
my beautiful black pearl
어둠 속에 핀 꽃, 바다 위에 뜬 달,
비밀 같은 그 곳,
my beautiful black pearl


Oh gosh, haven’t blogged in quite a while. >< currently lying in bed and typing this post on my phone. Hmmm.. I'm having my Easter spring break now. Been working quite a bit, can't wait for my pay even though I don't need the money. Haha. Just want the sense of achievement, well, kind of.

Lessons will resume next week, for two final weeks! I'm aiming to finish my HRM report before the end of this week so I can consult my tutor. Do I sound like some studious nerd?! Oh well, I don't really care what people think about this. I'm here to study and that's what I'm gonna do.

Can't wait to go back to Singapore! And have my monthly vanity day. Heehee! Genting getaway planned with the babes. Hopefully I'll get to travel with my family during my summer in SG too. Soon soon! Ahhh~

Oh, ordered Hayley Williams' Limited Edition MAC lipstick today. Sounds Like Noise!♥


Missing my baby girl and gangsta boy. ♡♡

Today’s To-Do list..

1. Ops Portfolio 5 Part 3 & Portfolio 6 Part 1

2. HRM Report Two Task 1

3. Study MKT Chap 1 & 2


Anxiety’s gone..

But now I’m feeling down. With this irregularity, I don’t even know if it’s PMS or what anymore. Oh well, whatever..


Here’s a picture I took while walking out of school today. Took it for Dev babe but shall share it here too because it’s just too pretty.
Have a good day ahead. (: